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TrainDiary is the way to record your

training data while you are training.

TrainDiary application runs on Android phones.

You access your training data using Web browser

over the Internet.

Features of Android phone application:

  1. Real time recoding of time, distance and speed of your training
  2. Real time graph of the speed
  3. Real time map of the training path. Either manual or automatic refresh.
  4. Setting up target speed
  5. Voice Notification every km of you reaching target speed
  6. Optional "non network" recording. Once you completed training connect to network and upload your event.
  7. Optional keeping map locations private. Details other than locations will be uploaded.

Features of TrainDiary Web application:

  1. See summary of your historic training events.
  2. Update optional description.
  3. Filter training events by period and/or type of event.
  4. Add manual entries.
  5. View locations, time, distance and speed of each training event.
  6. View detail graph of speed of the training event
  7. Compare training events
  8. View weekly statistics
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