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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is TrainDiary is about?
    TrainDiary is an easy and fun way to record details of your training while you training. Start TrainDiary and go for run or ride your bike or go for a walk. TrainDiary will record your distance, time and speed. It will also upload your data securely to the website, so once you finish your training, you can just login and check out how did you go. TrainDiary can also talk to you during the training to tell whether you reaching your target. On the website, you can sort, filter, add description to your training data. You can even compare two training events.

  • How to get started?
    Easy, download TrainDiary from AndroidMarket, Register and start training, login to this website! Details at TrainDiary

  • What phone do I need?
    You need an Android phone with GPS, min version 1.5.

  • What parameter application record?
    Distance, Time, Speed.

  • Can I see the altitude?
    Not yet, working to include in the next version.

  • Can I see the history of my training?
    Yes, please login at Login to TrainDiary using the same user name and password as you registered with on the phone. You will see all your training events there.

  • What if I forgot my password?
    Yes, please go to Login to TrainDiary and click on "Forgot your password?" link. The e-mail will be send to your e-mail with the instructions of how to reset the password.

  • TrainDiary can not connect to GPS?
    First, please ensure that you enable GPS on your phone and you have clear sky view. It has been noticed that on some Android phones it is require to disable and reenable GPS in orger to reestablish signal.
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